Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Garlic Prawns with Marie Rose Salad

Now here is a cheap, simple, quick and a delicious meal for those of you in a hurry or with little time on your hands.

Equipment Needed;
  • 1 x Frying Pan
  • 1 x Knife
  • 1 x Chopping Board
  • 1 x Mixing Bowl (any kind of bowl)

(serves 4)

I have given cheap substitutes for all the more expensive ingredients- even though this dish is cheaper than a couple of pints anyway - and remember economy brand is always the best way if you need to preserve money.

For the prawns;
  • Prawns / 1 packet, usually around 300g (cooked are cheaper but go for fresh if you feel like treating yourself)
  • Garlic / 2-3 cloves
  • Butter / 20g, 3 teaspoons

For the Marie Rose sauce;
  • Ketchup / 1 tablespoon
  • Mayonnaise / 2 tablespoons
  • Lemon x 1
  • Salt & Pepper / pinch of both
  • Chives / 20g

For the salad;
  • Lettuce x 1
  • Cucumber x 1
  • Sweetcorn / 1 tin

1. Firstly, prepare your salad;
  • This is about as simple as it gets, just chop the lettuce and cucumber into chunks as small or as large as you would like.

2. Next, prepare your Marie Rose sauce;
  • Put 3 tablespoons of Mayo and 1 tablespoon of Ketchup into your mixing bowl.
  • Then chop your lemon into wedges and squeeze the juice from a single wedge into the mixture. watch video
  • Add a pinch of salt & pepper and your chopped chives to the mixture and stir until combined. watch video
  • Now put your chopped salad in with the Marie Rose sauce and get stuck in with your hands. Toss the salad until all is coated in the sauce.

3. Finally, cook your garlic prawns;

  • Firstly, finely chop your garlic and put the butter/margarine in the frying pan on full heat.
  • As soon as the butter has melted, (which should take about 30 - 40 seconds depending on how shit the oven is) add your garlic and allow to cook for 1 - 2 minutes. Be extremely careful not to burn your butter as it goes quicker than you would think.
  • Finally, add your prawns to the pan. If they are fresh, cook for 10 - 12 minutes stirring regularly. They are ready when all the prawns have turned pink and are piping hot throughout. If the prawns are already cooked then just stir your prawns into the butter for 1 minute so that they absorb the flavour from the garlic butter. (if you leave them any longer they will overcook and toughen, resulting in them tasting like crap)
Cooking Garlic Prawns

To Serve;
This is just a suggestion you can eat it however the fuck you like 
  • Place your Marie Rose salad in the middle of a bowl.
  • Place the garlic prawns in the centre of the salad.
  • Top off with a spare lemon wedge from earlier and enjoy.

Recipe in pictures;

Hope you all enjoy the recipe and would love to hear your feedback, see you next time - eat well,

Seb Holmes.
Videography by Richard Davill

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