Thursday, 2 February 2012

Cream of Chestnut Mushroom & White Wine Soup

This is a quick one for those of you buried in a pile of work, it’s cheap, easy, quick and delicious so give it a go when you get a break. It also freezes very well so if you want to keep it for future meals it can be done. Cheap substitutes for ingredients have been put (in brackets) where possible.
Work is never fun but that doesn’t mean we can’t still eat well – enjoy.

Equipment Needed
  • 1 x Chopping Board
  • 1 x Knife
  • 1 x Large Boiling Pan
  • 1 x Blender
  • 1 x Wooden Spoon

Ingredients Needed
(Serves 6)
  • Chestnut Mushrooms / 2 lbs, about 1kg, around 908g (these will always be cheaper if you can get them from a market)
  • Garlic / x4 cloves
  • Onion / x1
  • White Wine / 200ml (cooking wine is cheaper)
  • Vegetable stock / 500ml (stock cubes are cheapest)
  • Parsley / 10g, a small handful (this is not compulsory just for a garnish)
  • Bread of your choice (this is not compulsory)
  • Olive Oil / 10ml, only a little to begin cooking the ingredients (cooking oil is cheaper)
  • Double Cream / 100ml


1. Firstly prepare all the ingredients;
  • Start by roughly chopping the garlic and the onion and put to one side for now.
  • Next roughly chop the mushrooms and put to one side (remember that these will all be blended in the end so don’t worry about how they look)
  • Lastly roughly chop the parsley and leave to one side to use as a garnish at the end.

2. Next cook all the ingredients;
  • Begin by pouring the oil into a large boiling pan on a high heat. When hot add the mushrooms and garlic and sweat them for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally (to do this you are looking for the onion to go translucent but not brown)
  • Next add the mushrooms and the wine and continue to cook for a further 5 minutes on a high heat, stirring occasionally (this will ensure that the alcohol in the wine burns off and the flavour infuses with the ingredients)
  • Lastly add the stock and bring back to the boil. Once boiling lower the temperature to a medium heat and simmer for a further 15 minutes.

3. Finally blend in the cream and serve;
  • Take the pan off of the heat and blend all the ingredients together thoroughly.
  • Lastly add the cream and season to taste (save a little cream for a garnish), then continue to blend until all ingredients are combined and there are no lumps (the cream brings all the ingredients together in the end)
  • The soup will be light and grey in colour and have a thick put pourable consistency.

To Serve;
  • Pour a portion of the soup into a bowl and garnish with a swirl of cream over the top (do this by using a teaspoon of cream and pouring a circle of cream over the top of the soup)
  • Next add a generous pinch of the chopped parsley from earlier on top for the person eating to stir in.
  • Finally put some of your chosen bread on the side and enjoy.

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